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About Us

Headquartered in Orlando, FL, Sky Telecom (TPC) was founded in 1996. We have a state of the art Mobile Development & Communications Platform that businesses can utilize to send information, promotions, special offers to their customers.

We help thousands of businesses on many different levels. Our specialty is to discover the industry's first and leading solution that integrates all popular channels of communication so that you can reach your entire audience with impact and orchestrate the most optimal marketing campaign.

Digital communication is diversified and so has audience preference, making it nearly impossible to reach your entire target group with just one channel. Baby boomers use email every day. New technology generation relies more on instant messaging. All prefer text to email. And now nearly half the world can't function without social media. The only way to reach 100% today is to incorporate all channels of communication with your business!

Since 1996, Platform provider Sky Telecom (TPC) has been one of the largest wholesaler, distributor  and manufacturer of prepaid phone cards in USA of over 50 telecom carriers. Sky Telecom has a high reputation in the telecom industry. Sky Telecom has multiple offices in USA. Sky Telecom is provider of products such as prepaid phone cards, wireless cards and pin-less portal programs. Our prepaid phone cards customers includes gift shops, independent c-stores, AM/PM Mini Market, Amoco/BP, Texaco, Chevron, Citgo, Sunoco, Hess, Mobil, Shell etc locations. Sky Telecom has over 100 different types of phone cards. The Company has earned a reputation for providing high quality services to customers and their needs. Commitment to superior service is one of the Sky Telecom’s highest priorities. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

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